Looking for an Instagram bot to massively boost your growth, but you’re not sure which one to go for?

You want an Instagram bot that has powerful growth features but is still easy to use. It needs to be advanced enough to act as human as possible and be safe to use.

We’ve created this guide to share the best Instagram bots for anyone hungry for Instagram growth. We’ll cover exactly why these Instagram automation tools rock and how they attractive followers like crazy. By the end, you’ll know exactly which Instagram bot has the right features and is the best choice for you. Let the Instagram growth begin!

#1 Pick Jarvee – Most Powerful Instagram Bot (4.8 Stars)

Jarvee is way more your average Instagram bot, offering complete social media automation. They’re our top pick for anyone wants to go big, manage and grow multiple profiles, across all social networks. They’re truly the most powerful Instagram automation available now, but not everyone needs all that power!

  • More Features, Targeting Options and Filters than all other Instagram bots
  • Also grows accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+
  • Compreshevise Tutorials & fantastic Support Team
  • Very frequent updates and fixes – this is a huge bonus!

The Javee Instagram bot has one of the best development teams behind it. The software is excellent to use and very well supported. Not only is it highly affordable, but they even offer a 5-day free trial. There’s no excuse not to try it today!

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#2 Follow Planner – Smart & Easy Instagram Bot 4.7 Stars

Follow Planner is the ideal Instagram bot for beginners. It’s our top recommendation if you’re after great results without geeking to geeky! The software is web-based, easy to navigate and a joy to use. You won’t be overwhelmed with settings and you can clearly track performance.

  • Provides all cores features needed to massively increase your exposure and grow your Instagram profile.
  • Offers unique (and easy!) approach to planning actions and scheduling automation.
  • Great reporting and tracking system that’s clear and easy to understand.
  • Great support team and plenty of tutorials to help you get going.

FollowPlanner is a refreshingly unique Instagram bot. It’s the biggest strength is being beginner friendly and very affordable. yet it’s still capable of huge growth and managing multiple profiles at the same time. They even offer a generous 7-day free trial with full access to get some free followers!

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#3 Instato – Best User Experience Instagram Bot (4.5 Stars)

We like to think of Instato as the “Apple” of the Instagram bot world. It’s easy to use and works beautifully. It’s well suited to beginners or anyone that wants to grow their Instagram accounts quickly and safety. It’s a web-based application it can be run 24/7 and accessed from your browser:

  • Most beautiful user interface and dashboard, it’s really a joy to use!
  • Includes a dedicate proxy IP address for every account for maximum safety
  • Advanced features including auto reposting, content scheduling and direct messaging
  • Fast and very helpful support

Instato has successfully coupled an amazing user interface with powerful Instagram automation features. While it may be a little more experience than the others, but they offer a premium service and one of the easiest Instagram bots on the market. Why take it for a 3-day test drive?

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#4 Follow Adder – Cheap & Effective Instagram Bot (4 Stars)

Follow Adder has longer than other but is still incredibly popular for good reason, it works great! It may not have all the bells and whistles as our newer Instagram bots, but its simplicity is also its greatest strength. They’ve built themselves a huge client base and recently updated their application.

  • One of the longest reining Instagram bots on the market
  • Easy to understand and set up for beginners
  • The application can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux machines
  • Includes bonus Instagram tips and growth ebook

FollowAdder is one of the most well-known Instagram bots today. And its popularity and reputation have been well earned. 1000’s of Instagrammers have used FollowAdder to grow their followers and automate their interactions. So why don’t you join them?

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Pros & Cons of Using an Instagram Bot

Still not sure if an Instagram bot is for you? Here, we’ll make it super easy for you!


  1. Huge Instagram Growth Potential. You can grow your Instagram following 2-5X faster by reaching 100’s more users every day.
  2. Mostly Automated Solution. Once you’ve set up your Instagram bot, it’s mostly a case of tweaking and optimizing weekly. It’s like having your own team of manic Instagrammers working for you.
  3. Highly Affordable. None of these Instagram bots will break the bank. Considering the amount of value they provide, it’s amazing return on investment.


  1. Initial Time Investment. Since your running your Instagram bot yourself, you’ll need to spend time learning to use it and setting it up for good results.
  2. Must Be Used Responsibility. You should be careful not to abuse the power of your Instagram bot. Stay within reasonable action limits and don’t be spammy!
  3. They Operate in a Grey Area. Technically speaking, Instagram automation is against the Terms of Service. However, these Instagram bots can be used safely and stay under the radar.

Which Instagram Bot Should You Choose?

The Instagram bots we’ve listed are the cream of the crop out of the dozens of services. We’ve selected each due to their specific advantages, so you can choose the best one for growing your Instagram.

Our personal favorite is Jarvee, because they offer the most comprehensive Instagram automation. We’re control freaks who want all the options and manages 100’s of accounts at the same time. Jarvee offers more than any marketer could ever need and it’s still very affordable.

Follow Planner is a great choice too if you don’t need all that power! It offers all the functionality you need to start attracting 1000’s of new followers every month. If your only growing 1-5 Instagram profiles, it offers a great user experience.

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