Instagress was of the easiest, most effective an affordable ways to grow your Instagram account. While it wasn’t the first Instagram bot on the scene, it quickly rose in popularity. Everyone from individuals to influencers and brands was using it to grow their followers and boost engagement on auto-pilot.

It worked so incredibly well and they drew so much attention to themselves that Instagram themselves decided to step in. Sadly, they decided to shut down after a request from Instagram.

Even though they shut down over a year ago, the buzz they generated still has people scrambling to find an Instagress alternative. During this time numerous Instagram bots have sprung up trying to take its place.

So where does that leave us now? What’s the best Instagress replacement in 2018? Don’t worry, we’ve got the best Instagress alternative covered! But first, let’s look more at what Instagress did so well.

What Was Instagress Exactly?

In simple terms, Instagress was an Instagram bot. It was used to automate interactions on the network to grow your profile 5-10X faster!

It didn’t create fake accounts, generate fake followers or likes. Instead, you could use it target and interact with real users. By interacting with 100’s of targetted users every day, you could achieve a huge boost in reach, engagement and follower growth.

In essence, it allowed you to be a hyper-active Instagrammer without doing the hard work yourself.

Was Instagress a Scam?

Firstly, Instagress was not shut down due to being a scam. In actual fact, it was shut down for working too damn well!

Instagram themselves asked them to cease the service when it became too popular. Furthermore, Instagress even refunded all existing customers when they closed their doors.

What Could Instagress Do?

Instagress performed all the actions an everyday Instagram user could do to gain attention and interact with others. The main automatic functions Instagress performed include:

  1. Follows – set filters on the types of users you would like to follow
  2. Unfollows – unfollow users you’ve followed after a set amount of time
  3. Comments – set filters and randomized comments to leave from your profile
  4. Likes – set filters on the types of users you would like to like

Instagress also offered extra customization to improve your results including:

  • Targeting users to follow – using follower of, following of, likers, locations and hashtags
  • Activity Speed – controlling how many actions (follows, unfollows, likes, comments) Instagress performs per hour
  • Blacklists – ignore users based on tags, usernames and keywords

The biggest benefits of using Instagress was:

  • Mobile friendly and easy to use – their web-based application required no download and could be easily used anywhere.
  • Operated within safe limits – Offered advanced settings to ensure the tools operates within Instagram’s rules

So Why Did Instagress Get Shutdown?

Sadly, Instagress is long gone.

Instagram automation, in general, earned a bad reputation. Mainly because it can easily be abused and turned spammy in the wrong hands.

Instagram’s top priority is to keep their platform buzzing with real social activity that’s enjoyable for all. In their eyes, Instagram bots violate the terms of service by automatically interacting with users. So when Instagress started to blow up, they decided to shut it down as soon as they could.

Instagram is very protective over their platform. Many other Instagram bot services including MassPlanner have been shut down too.

Even just using the word “insta” in the brand name will get a lot of heat from Instagram these days.

So Should You Use an Instagress Alternative?

If you want to massively boost your reach and growth potential with very little time or money, YES!

While Instagram automation as a whole operates in a grey area, Instagram is playing catch up. There’s literally 10,000’s of people around the world using Instagram bots right now.

Larger brands and celebrities have entire teams managing their accounts, interacting with hundreds of users per day. Also, they can spend $1000’s every month on paid advertisement. Which of course, Instagram is welcoming this.

For those that don’t have the budget or manpower, an Instagram bot levels playing field. It enables you to grow way faster and gain way more followers than you usually could.

Currently, there are dozens of Instagress alternatives and Instagram automation tools on the market. The very best Instagram bots operate under the radar, using smart filters and human-like actions to rapidly grow accounts.

Want to join them in gaining 1000’s of niche relevant followers every month with very little effort? Grab one of the top Instagress replacements.

What’s the Best Instagress Alternative in 2018?

When Instagress passed they left a legacy. It kickstarted a revolution of even better Instagram automation tools. They are smarter, more powerful, safer and cost less than your phone bill!

We’ve reviewed a number of more advanced Instagram bots that are highly affordable and easy to use. But there’s one that stands out as the ultimate Instagress alternative:

Follow Planner Review $9.99/month (5 accounts)


The perfect Instagram Bot for beginners! It provides all essential features to grow accounts without getting to complex. Also offers a unique approach to planning actions and tracking performance. There’s even a 7-day Free trial too!

  • Features - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.5/10
  • Support - 8/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Value For Money - 10/10
  • Repuation - 8/10


  • Web-based IG bot – Runs from any web browser (no download or install required)
  • Simple To Use – Beginners won’t struggle to pick this up.
  • Great Tracking  & Reporting – see exactly how well your bot is performing
  • 7 Day Free Trial – you can try it risk-free!


  • Only works for Instagram accounts
  • May not be enough for professional social media marketers

Follow Planner is our absolute top pick for an Instagress alternative. It’s the easiest to use, offering the same features and more than Instagress ever did.

We’ve been using it ourselves to grow accounts gaining 1000-3000+ followers every month. It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to reach, Follow Planner can be set up to target your audience.

Best of all, there’s a 7-day free trial giving you full access without a credit/debit card! There’s really no excuse not to try it. We managed to get 200+ followers for free before the trial ended.

We’ve also written full reviews on a number of other Instagram bots which you can check out below:

If you’ve come across a better Instagress alternative, let us know your experience in the comments below!




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