Follow Planner Review $9.99/month (5 accounts)


The perfect Instagram Bot for beginners! It provides all essential features to grow accounts without getting to complex. Also offers a unique approach to planning actions and tracking performance. There’s even a 7-day Free trial too!

  • Features - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 9.5/10
  • Support - 8/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Value For Money - 10/10
  • Repuation - 8/10


  • Web-based IG bot – Runs from any web browser (no download or install required)
  • Simple To Use – Beginners won’t struggle to pick this up.
  • Great Tracking  & Reporting – see exactly how well your bot is performing
  • 7 Day Free Trial – you can try it risk-free!


  • Only works for Instagram accounts
  • May not be enough for professional social media marketers

Follow Planner is an awesome newcomer to the Instagram bot market. It’s not quite as well-known as Jarvee or Follow Adder, but it’s our 2nd favorite from the Instagram automation tool shootout.

What it lacks in advanced features and controls, it excels with a beautiful web-based interface that’s easy to get set up and growing.

Perhaps you want to start growing your Instagram quickly, without having to understand a bunch of intricate settings? If you’re looking for a simple but powerful Instagram Bot, Follow Planner is our top choice!

Is Follow Planner a Scam?

No way! Follow Planner may be the new kid on the block, but they are as trustworthy as they come. There’s literally zero reports online of any scams involving Follow Planner and we’re even using it ourselves.

What Can Follow Planner Do?

  • Schedule and publish your Instagram posts
  • Scrape and repost viral content on your account
  • Automate Following, Liking, Commenting, Unfollowing to grow your account
  • Manage direct messaging and stories
  • Help you drive more profile views, customers, leads and conversions!

Why Use Follow Planner?

To start growing your Instagram with real, engaged followers while saving heaps of time! You’re looking for an Instagram bot to do the heavy lifting without needing a Ph.D. in computer programming!

Ready to jump into our full Follow Planner Review? Let’s get going!

Follow Planner Features – 7/10

Follow Planner provides all the essential features for Instagram automation beautifully. While it may not offer enough control for expert marketers, it’s more than enough for most looking to grow their Instagram accounts.

Key features of the Follow Planner Instagram bot include:

  • Follow – Select sources and set filters to follow users based on language, post count, engagement and more.
  • Unfollow – Unfollow users after a predefined amount of time to reduce your following list. Or unfollow users who didn’t follow you back
  • Interact (Like/*Comment) – Like and comment on users to encourage them to engage with you. Set up sources and filters to find your target audience.
  • Engagement Groups – Automate engagement between your accounts or manage engagement groups to help boost your popularity
  • Direct Messaging – View, create and respond to DMs from within the Follow Planner application
  • Post Scheduling – set up a schedule ahead of time and have your posts automatically published
  • Post Scraping – Search and find the best viral content on other accounts and repost it on yours
  • Story Highlights – create, save and view story highlights from within the Follow Planner interface

*Personally we don’t like to use the auto comment feature, it’s just too easy to get it wrong. We’ve had great results just using Follow, Like and Unfollow.

Follow Planner Ease of Use – 9.5

Follow Planners biggest reason to be your new Instagram bot is ease of use. We like to think of it as the “Apple” of Instagram automation tools. It simply no more complicated than it needs to be and works beautifully.

Compared to other Instagram bots, Follow Planner offers a unique way to schedule your actions using an hourly planner. It’s easy to create “human-like” patterns of behavior and optimize for performance.

The in-built reporting system is very useful too. It quickly allows you to see exactly how your account is growing and analyze what’s working the best for you.

It’s really as simple as 1-2-3 grow my Instagram!

Follow Planner Support – 8/10

Whichever Instagram bot you use, having a great support team behind the software is vital. If Instagram changes their platform (which happens regularly) you need to know your software will be updated quickly. Otherwise, you’ll be left high-and-dry with an outdated bot!

Similarly, if you’re having technical difficulties, you need a helpful team that solves issues quickly.

That’s why we suggest going with the best Instagram bots, of which Follow Planner is a top choice:

  • Huge community of marketers behind it, which is always a great sign!
  • Excellent help database covers most beginner issues, then you can easily contact their support staff via email or by raising a support ticket within the application.
  • Constantly updated as soon as bugs are discovered of platform changes occur.

These factors are crucial before selecting an Instagram bot to so you can continue using it for the long-term.

Follow Planner Safety – 9/10

Since Instagram automation sits in a grey area, you need smart software to “act human” and fly under the radar. Furthermore, you need to be able to trust it with your log in details and account reputation.

Thankfully, Follow Planner handles Instagram automation beautifully:

  • Proxy support – Follow Planner make sure you use your own private proxies to run your account. This prevents footprinting. They make it very easy to add and use proxies even if you’re unfamiliar
  • Action Planner – the signature feature of Follow Planner is the hourly action planner. This allows you to create human-looking schedules for operating and stay under Instagram’s radar
  • Planner Presets – If you don’t know where to start, they provide presets that operate within safe limits for Instagram automation.

Follow Planner is also one of the safest Instagram bots to use for beginners. They provide all the guidance you need to stay within safe operating limits and grow your account without getting in trouble.

Web-based applications may be a security concern for some. This is because means your username, password and account details are passed through a centralized system. Whereas running software on your own machine is totally private.

This would be a HUGE concern if using random Instagram bots that haven’t been properly vetted.

However, we don’t see this as an issue with Follow Planner since they’ve got a great reputation.

Follow Planner Value for Money – 10/10

Another big attraction to Follow Planner is the price point. For just $10/month you can grow up to 5 accounts, that’s just $2.5/month per account!

Better yet, you can even try them totally free for 7 days.

With the ability to fully manage your accounts and attract 1000’s of new followers every month, we think this is incredible! Hands down, Follow Planner is one of the best value Instagram bots for beginners right now.

Follow Planner Reputation – 8/10

Follow Planner doesn’t have much press on because it’s newer than the more established Instagram bots. However, it’s quickly becoming a secret weapon for 1000’s of Instagrammers.

We started using Follow Planner months ago after recommendations from other social media marketers. And it seems Follow Planner is spreading like wildfire through word-of-mouth.

Follow Planner Review Conclusion

Follow Planner is ideal for beginners looking to grow accounts quickly and safely. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more complex Instagram bots, but it performs the basics very well.

We also like the fact there are preset settings built in to prevent you going too wild. If you’re new to Instagram automation Follow Planner is a great place to start.

They offer immense value and they’ve even got a 7-day free trial for a no-limits test drive. So why not give Follow Planner a go and let us know your results in the comments below!



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