Instagram has become insanely popular and increasingly lucrative these past few years. Building an engaged Instagram following isn’t as easy as before.

You’ve got to fight increasingly hard on Instagram to reach new users and even get seen these days. So more people are relying on Instagram Bots to massively boost their exposure and growth.

Today, we’re going to demystify Instagram Bots for you. We’ll explain what they are, how they work and how to choose the best one. Ready to turn on a flood of new followers? Let’s go!

What Is an Instagram Bot?

In simple terms, an Instagram bot is an application designed to automate actions on your Instagram account. Typically these include:

  • Liking
  • Following
  • Unfollowing
  • Commenting
  • Messaging
  • Posting
  • Almost anything you can usually do on Instagram!

They can be set up specifically to interact with your target audience. This is achieved by using various targeting options including:

  • Followers/Followings of Target accounts
  • Interactors of Target accounts
  • Hashtags
  • Geo-locations

Why Use an Instagram Bot?

To massively boost your Instagram growth potential with little effort of course.

Right now, your profile grows organically as you post with hashtags, tag and interact with other users.

Whenever you like, comment or follow someone they get a notification. They’ll probably check you out and reciprocate if they like you. So the more users you can interact with, the greater the exposure and potential followers you can gain.

Instagram bots supercharge the organic approach with clever automation. They can perform hundreds of these interactions all day-every day on your behalf.

It would be a fulltime job to perform all the actions an Instagram bot can perform for you on autopilot. That’s why they are becoming increasingly popular for anyone hungry for a piece of the Insta pie!

How Do Instagram Bots Work?

An Instagram bot does not magically generate followers and likes out of thin air. They are used to drawing attention to your profile by interacting with other users.

So it’s up to you as the operator to set them up correctly and target your audience. The results achieved using Instagram automation tools is highly dependent on the following:

  • How attractive your profile is (to your target audience). You need real people to like your profile and want to follow back.
  • How well you can target your audience. You’ll need to find where they are on Instagram and set your bot up to look there.
  • How good your content is. You need to give people something to look forward to seeing by having you on their feed.
  • Not being spammy. You need to act human to attract other humans. Don’t go crazy and spam people with loads of likes or random comments.

Instagram bots are incredibly powerful but they are not magic bullets.

Your results ultimately come down to your targeting, and they are not a substitute for regular, great content!

So treat Instagram Bot as an incredible amplifier for your profile.

Attractive Account + Good Content + Automation = Massive Instagram Growth

Are Instagram Bots Safe?

There’s a lot of controversy around the use of Instagram automation tools. They get a bad reputation due to the fact they can be easily abused and used to spam the network. We’ve all seen those accounts…

Furthermore, Instagram themselves don’t want anyone automating social activity on their network for the following reasons:

  1. It enables people to boost their exposure without paying for sponsored ads.
  2. They are concerned with the quality of their network and spam prevention. It’s in their best interest to keep Instagram a fun and authentic experience we can all enjoy.

So Instagram bots are not officially permitted. But truth be told there are 1000’s of people using them under the radar without any issues. And they are able to grow their accounts 5x faster than others using them.

That’s why it’s crucial to use a reputable Instagram Bot,  so they can act more “like a human”.

Going too crazy with Instagram automation will get you temporarily blocked from performing actions (follows, likes, comments, unfollows). But usually only 24 hours without any further repercussions.

There are plenty of spammy Instagram bots out there that can quickly ruin your reputation. When your account is on the line, it’s not worth chancing it with random applications off of the net.

That’s why we’ve personally tested and reviewed the very best Instagram automation tools on the market.

To be safe and effective, we believe Instagram bots should offer:

  • Full control over targeting and actions performed
  • Act as close to a human as possible to avoid drawing attention
  • Operate within Instagram limits and doesn’t get your action blocked
  • Good support and training on how to use it safely
  • Easy to use and measure your results

Is Instagram Automation Ethical?

The line between good marketing practices and unethical strategies is heavily debated. We personally believe that Instagram Bots can be leveraged while maintaining good practices.

The facts of the matter are:

  • Automation is against Instagram’s Terms of Use.
  • Instagram bots are widely used by individuals, businesses and even celebrities
  • Instagram automation tools are not going away, despite Instagram’s best efforts.

If you’re serious about Instagram, using a bot will give you a huge advantage. It’s getting more competitive and harder to grow without paid advertising, so take advantage of this while you can.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Instagram Bot

Before you dive headfirst into the world of Instagram automation, let’s quickly cover the pros and cons.


  • Full control over actions and targeting when using the best automation tools. Thus you avoid spammy activity or interacting with unwanted users.
  • 2-5X faster organic growth than you normally could have without automating your actions.
  • Most effective way to grow if you’ve got between 0-30K followers. You’ll be able to improve engagement, build a following and make loads of sales.
  • Attracts real and targeted followers and not spammy users if set up correctly.
  • Very cost effective. It’s cheaper than buying fake followers and you’ll get real users. Win-win!


  • Bots are technically against Instagram’s TOS. But staying within their limits will keep you out of trouble. At worst, you might get temporary actions blocks.
  • Instagram bots can be used incorrectly resulting in spammy activity and poor results. We’ve all seen those random comments on photos, don’t be that guy!
  • You will need to test and tweak your targeting. It’s not always set and forgets. You’ll need to try different approaches to maximize your results.
  • You still need to interact on Instagram yourself too. You shouldn’t let the bot do everything. You still need to reply to users yourself and keep producing quality content.

Alternatives To Using an Instagram Bot

We’ve already covered each of these subjects in greater depth, but we’ll quickly compare each option below:

  • Buying Instagram Followers will fill your account up with as many followers as your heart desires, as quickly as you want. However, they are best used only for social proof because these are essentially vanity followers. They won’t ever interact with you, they are just for looks.
  • An Instagram Growth Service involves an individual or team managing your Instagram account. They may use software automation or manually target your audience, interact with them and boost your growth. It’s a fully managed solution for those who want experts to grow their account for them.

Want to take advantage of Instagram automation, but you don’t want to do it yourself? Go with a reputable Instagram Growth Service.

These services combine different types of automation with real activity for you. Most importantly, they are Instagram growth experts who are experienced with growing accounts.

Since their business relies upon their performance and reputation, they achieve great results, know the limits and update their service as Instagram changes.

If you want results without getting your hands dirty, get a professional Instagram Marketing Service.

Other Instagram Bot Substitutes

So if not an Instagram bot, what are your other options for getting comparable Instagram growth?

1. Doing It All Yourself – (FREE) 14 hours/week

Of course, the good old-fashioned way of liking, commenting and following yourself. You should be able to generate plenty of authentic interactions and boost engagement this way.

However, this method will probably take a significant time commitment to match the bot. Could you follow and unfollow 500 people per day and like their photos too?

If you can dedicate 2-3+ hours per day, every day to interact with your target audience, you will achieve good results. how much is your time worth to you?

2. Hiring a Virtual Assistant  – $250+/month

The next best is to hire a VA. They can perform the same actions an Instagram bot can, while ensuring quality control and authentic engagement.

Having your IG bot leave comments is a big no-no. It’s very easy to spot and you will annoy more people than you attract. But a VA means can safely comment on users which will increase your results.

You’ll need to make sure you train the VA to perform the task correctly. It will cost much more than Instagram automation tool but you’ll be able to get them to do more.

3. Instagram Paid Advertisements – $200+/month

Instagram wants you to use paid ads to boost your reach and encourage more followers. If you can create persuasive ads they can be very effective. However, you will be paying based on impressions or clicks so you’ll need a marketing budget to get going.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can quickly burn through money. So you’ll either need to invest significant time learning how to advertise, or pay an expert to do this for you.

4. Instagram Schedulers – $5+/month

Instagram schedulers allow you to collate, plan and automatically post your content on Instagram. This can help take the load off and allow you to plan ahead.

Since content is king when it posts to Instagram growth, having your posts scheduled for you is very useful. You can spend a day stacking awesome content then let it post for you every day.

They are usually quite cheap, however, most Instagram bots have built-in scheduler functions already. So you may as well go for one on a fully-fledged bot instead.

Are There Free Instagram Bots?

Now wouldn’t a free Instagram bot be nice?

But it’s not worth cutting corners here. If you do manage to come across a free Instagram automation tool, they are either going to be shoddy, ineffective or a downright scam.

It’s not worth risking your Instagram account over. It’s well worth paying a small fee to use a safe, professional Instagram tool.

Instead, take advantage of an Instagram bot free trial. You can test the software without any risk, you’ll probably get 100+ followers for free!

Here are our top Instagram bots with free trials:

Conclusion on Instagram Bots & Automation

Hungry for more likes, comments, followers and engagement (of course you are!), then an Instagram bot is well worth considering. If you’re wondering how your competitor is growing so fast, they’re probably already using one!

Automating the bulk of your engagement can get you exposure with hundreds of more users every day.

However, don’t be tempted to go for any old random Insta bot. Instagram automation is a sensitive subject and it’s not worth risking your account security on a cheap bot.

Go with any of the best Instagram bots to get great features, support, features, and the highest safety. It’s the fastest way to become Instagram famous today.

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