As Instagram continues to explode in popularity, they must continue evolving to keep up. They have to handle 100,000’s of photos, videos millions of social interactions every day! So they developed an advanced algorithm to sort, rank and control the reach of posts.

But now many of us are experiencing a dramatic decrease in organic reach. This makes it much harder to reach new people and grow like before. Without a marketing budget for paid advertising (and the skills to pull it off), it’s becoming impossible to get seen.

Thankfully, this had lead to the birth of the Instagram Growth Service. These teams of Instagram experts can help grow your account 2-5X faster than you could alone!

They are popping up all over the place, offering different levels of service, pricing and promises of results. But what do they really do, how do they work and which ones are the best?

We’ve grown 100’s of Instagram accounts ourselves and tested dozens of Instagram marketing services.  So today we’re going to demystify the Instagram growth service, explain exactly how they work and share the best ones with you.

Ready to start rocking your Instagram with 1000’s of new, targeted followers every month? Let’s get going!

What is an Instagram Growth Service?

Essentially, they are small Social Media Agencies focused on Instagram growth. The providers we recommend all focus on real, targeted organic growth.

They achieve this by interacting with users who match your target audience on your behalf. In turn, this encourages follow-backs, likes and engagement with your profile.

Instagram Marketing Services come with varying levels of service, expertize and results. That’s why its essential to only go with the most reputable Instagram growth service.

What Exactly Does an Instagram Marketing Service Do?

They grow your Instagram account for you! Depending on your profile and their methods, you can expect to gain between 20-100+ new follower per day.

The skill of the team plays a huge role since they will need to carefully target and attract your audience. Instagram growth services greatly increase organic reach by interacting with 100’s of users every day.

This means following, liking and unfollowing users on your behalf. Some services also offer comments and Direct Messaging too.

Instead of you spending hours every day following and interacting with relevant users, they do it all for you. All you have to do is be awesome, keep posting and let the new followers roll in!

So How Do Instagram Growth Services Work?

Most marketers will use some form of Instagram automation tools to manage their accounts. Some of them claim to be 100% human operated, but that’s unlikely considering the amount of work involved.

Yet the mention of Instagram automation shouldn’t scare you off completely. The best Instagram marketing services have professionals operating advanced software responsibility. As a result, they can grow profiles fast, effectively and at an affordable price to you.

The exact methods vary between Instagram growth services, but here’s an overview of how most operate:

  1. You help them identify your target audience – using competitors or similar accounts, hashtags, geo-location and keywords.
  2. They search the Instagram for relevant users – using a variety of targeting settings and filters.
  3. They begin interacting with target users daily –  following, liking and unfollowing continuously.
  4. Users come to check out your profile and some will reciprocate – they get pinged a notification and if they like your profile they follow and interact with you.
  5. You receive a flood of new followers every day!

It’s worth knowing that the success of any Instagram marketing service hinges on the following factors:

  • Profile Appeal – your audience still has to “like you” to want to follow back and interact
  • Targeting Settings – you’ve got to make sure interacting with the right people
  • Filter Settings – you will want to avoid interacting with spammy/fake/off target users

That’s why it’s critical to select an Instagram Growth Service with skills and expertize to help you. Furthermore, they should regularly optimize your targeting to achieve the best results.

Who’s Using Instagram Growth Services Right Now?

Instagram marketing services are being used by individuals, businesses and even celebrities around the world. Literally, anyone who wants to grow their Instagram with real, engaged followers without any effort.

  • Instagram Addicts – Grow your Instagram and gain real social proof with professionals managing your account.
  • Local Businesses/Online Brands – Engage with your target market, targetting competitors and similar brands in your niche.
  • Celebrities – Gain more exposure and stay engaged with masses of people daily.
  • Bloggers/Vloggers – Attract and send targeted users to blogs and vlogs.
  • Start-ups – Gain mass exposure quickly, create a brand image and build a following.
  • Freelancers – Models, writers, artists or photographers can gain exposure, find jobs and boost their reputation.
  • Social Media Influencers – Fitness, fashion, health, business, travel and many other influences can grow followings using Instagram growth services.

But Are Instagram Marketing Services Safe?

First of all, any Instagram Marketing Service attracting real followers will need access to your account. After all, they will be operating through your account on your behalf to attract followers organically.

This involves a certain level of trust since you’ll be giving them your password and the go-ahead to manage your account. But as long as you go with reputable, professional Instagram growth service, there’s nothing to worry about.

They handle all client private data professionally. Furthermore, Instagram will still ask you to verify any login from a new device before they gain access. With your email and phone number connected to the account your still always holding the keys.

So it goes without saying you should be VERY selective about which Instagram growth service provider you trust. Pick one from our list that’s been vetted and professionally reviewed.

What Results Can Be Achieved From an Instagram Growth Service?

The results you get from an Instagram marketing service depends both on you and the provider.

It’s not simply a case of turning on a tap and receiving those sweet followers. These Instagram growth teams must work hard to target and attract real followers for you!

So the more active and attractive your profile is, the better your results will be.

Ways You Can Maximize Your Results:

  • Choosing a high-quality Instagram growth service provider
  • Posting good content regularly and being active on Instagram
  • Replying to comments and interacting with new followers

The Limiting Factors:

  • Certain industries, niches and audiences will grow faster/slower than others. For example, cute puppies attract more followers than coffee mugs.
  • The skill and expertize of your growth provider in targeting your audience and filtering bad ones.

Realistic Expectations for Monthly Follower Growth:

  • 500+ Slower growing niches or accounts with less than average content
  • 1000+ Average growing niches that regularly post average content
  • 2000+ Fast growing niches that regularly post good content
  • 3000+ Fastest growing niches that regularly post great content

These numbers based on our own experience growing 100’s of accounts ourselves and using Instagram growth services.

Now ready to see our personal recommendations for awesome Instagram Growth? Here they are!

Pros and Cons of Using an Instagram Growth Service


  • Best achievable growth – if they know what they are doing (and unless you’re an expert yourself)
  • Greatly increased reach – you’ll be able to reach 400+ more people every single day
  • Fully managed service – no need to do anything differently, just leave it to the experts
  • Very cost-effective – it’s very affordable and much cheaper than paying for ads
  • Support and guidance – they are literally the best at doing this, they’ll help you out!


  • Small subscription cost – varies depending on services provided
  • Must select a trusted provider – don’t just go with a random growth service!
  • Results depend on your profile too – but they’ll help you get the best potential growth

What About Instagram Bots or Buying Instagram Followers?

Have you heard of Instagram Bots before? Perhaps you’re thinking why don’t you just do it yourself? Well, you can and it’s a cheaper option.

But you’ll need to invest time learning how to run an Instagram bot correctly, testing and tweaking to get good results. Then you may be able to get close to what these experts are achieving from day one!

Here’s a quick comparison of all three options:

  • Instagram Growth Service – having a team manage your Instagram growth. It’s a fully managed Instagram growth service.
  • Instagram Bots – you will need to carefully set up and run your own Instagram bot. You’ll need to learn effective strategies to attract follow-backs.
  • Buy Instagram Followers – gives you instant social proof but they won’t ever interact with you beyond that. They are only good for looks!

Alternatives to Using an Instagram Growth Service

Let’s briefly look into the alternative options to using an Instagram marketing team.

1. Do It All Yourself (12+ hours/week)

If you’re feeling up to it, you can perform all the following, liking and unfollowing yourself. You’ll be able to achieve more authentic interaction and engagement this way. But can you keep it up every day?

Interacting with 100’s of targeted users is time-consuming. Imagine searching for the following 500 people every day. Then don’t forget about Liking their photos and remembering to unfollow. I thought so!

It all comes down to how much you value your time. And how bored you’ll get of this. You’ve got to stay consistent to see results.

2. Employ a Virtual Assistant ($250+/month)

Hiring a VA is a great idea if you have the budget. They can perform all the interaction and manage your account for you.

Unless they are already an expert, they’ll probably need to be trained in finding your target audience. Then you’ll have to brief them on your brand voice.

It’s a viable choice for businesses with bigger marketing budgets.

3. Instagram Paid Advertisement ($350+/month)

Sponsored and paid advertisements will get you more reach with your target audience. If used effectively they can be very effective ways of growing your Instagram profile. However, you’ll need a marketing budget and some skills to get results.

Since your paying based on impressions and clicks, you’ll need to be willing to spend to see what works. If your not an advertising expert, and don’t want to invest the time to learn, you could outsource it to an expert.

This can be a good option for bigger brands with large marketing budgets.

4. Use an Instagram Bot ($10+/month)

Instagram bots can be used to automate your social activity on Instagram. Using follow, like and unfollows you can effectively boost your reach and gain lots of followers. Some of these marketing services use highly sophisticated Instagram bots to help grow your account too.

If you have the time to learn and experiment, it can be a cheaper option to pick up an Instagram bot. For people who are planning on growing dozens of accounts in the long term, this makes sense.

But for other, paying the experts to do their job makes more sense. You don’t need to understand exactly how it works or run tests, you pay your money and you get results.

Unless you want to become a part-time automation expert, it’s probably best to go for an Instagram growth service instead.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Growth Services

Reaching success on Instagram these days means work harder or work smarter. Reach is down,  competition is higher and it’s hard to ever to get seen. Yet there’s still a massive opportunity for those who go the extra mile.

Almost anyone can start to attract a massive following using these growth services. The most reputable marketing services can safely and quickly start attracting your target audience today.

So if you’re ready to double down on Instagram, get yourself signed up with the growth experts and enjoy those followers!